Simple PO Application

An easier way to track inventory
and placing purchase order 


MoleQ POS (Point of Sale) system had been used by the Asian supermarket chains all across the U.S. for over a decade. The software offers a wide range of functions on the frontend for the cashier. Also, a backend software comprises of detailed management features for product and pricing control, Point of Sale Configuration, Staff Management, Accounts, and a comprehensive set of Reports.

As many customers became more tech-heavy after the owner passing supermarket business to their second or third young generations. Many customers reported to the company that they want to find a more easier way to use the MoleQ Point Of Sale Software to place a purchase order to vendors and tracking the inventory at the same time. The customer wants to abandon the traditional paper ordering method as well as the manual tracking system, instead they want to adopt a digital solution to their system.

The company has decided to enhance functions into the backend software and pairing an application that helps customers to achieve this goal. 


User Research
Data Analysis
Product Design
User Flow



Design Goal: 

Allow users to place purchase orders and adding inventory to the system by scanning item barcode.

Understanding the problem

We talked to customers’s supermarket managers to learn their difficulties when placing a purchase order to wholesale vender, as well as the receiving process. Then narrowed down to 4 main problems that they are facing:

    • There are no universal item number between the customer and vendor wholesalers. Each wholesalers will have their own vendor item number for the same item. This makes it very difficult for the customer’s to place an order in the system for different vendors.
    • Quantity converting when placing the order and receiving items inventory. Vender sells the item in a box quantity, and each item might have a different quantity packed box.  But customer counts the item individually in their system.
    • Losing track of purchase order history. With the traditional paper method, the customer finds hard to keep track of all the purchases order that they submit to the vendors. The customer often finds themselves not receiving the orders that they request after months.
    • Other companies offer software to track purchase order using Quick Book, but it does not connect with customer’s POS database, requires extra manpower to input and keep track the data.

Product vision and solution

Base on the problems that we found from the customer, we have decided to add an item setting a new section in our backend software for the case setting. And design a new software addressing the issues with a potential solution for staffs to use.

Creating a workflow logic

Adding a new field

Adding a Purchase Field to the back-office software to allow users to edit wholesale case prices from different vendors into their system.


Application Design

The tablet application pairs with the computer software simultaneously, workers can walk around in their stores to scan the items are low in stock, and sync the purchase order to computer when internet is available.

Placing Purchase Order

Users scans item barcode/search by name/ search by vender id to place purchase order. Item detail will show history of purchase, sales, inventory and receive history for users better interpret the need of placing order. 

Reorder and View

Users can choose to place purchase order with creating a New PO or by click on Reorder to order items that meet the reorder points in the inventory record.