Project: Point of sale solution builds in Android targeting small retail businesses.

The MG-POS features a rich point of sale solution that offers users a wide range of functions. Its flexible and modular design allows for customization and maximum efficiency.

Goal: Offer simple steps for users to register the product, customers can start using the product out–the-box with minimum help from the company.

Solution: Create a cloud web application to preset user’s requirement.
Design easy registration flow for customers, and walk through customers to register the station and download all the settings in 1-click when they first receive the product.

Design: User Manual, POS System UX/UI, User Guide, Quick Setup Steps


Registration Steps

When the customer receives the package, all pre-settings will be configured in the cloud. The customer will require to activate the station with the license key, and all settings will be downloaded into the system. The customer does not require to have any technical background to finish this step.