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IOS APP Design

APP Design

Morning IOS App

A community alarm calculates Leaving time and Wake Up time according to Real Time Traffic. Updates the alarm by itself for users so they won’t be late.


Brainstormed the concept and functionality of the App, created Wireframes and User Flow. Designed the final visual concept.

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web app code plus plus

Web App


Level up on learning by finding accountability partners.


Designed logo and conceptualized the idea into wireframes, and designed user friendly user platform for the Web App.

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drawing canvas

Action Script

actionscript drawing canvas

Action Script

Drawing Canvas

A drawing canvas coded with action script. Users are allow to use different colors and brush sizes to draw anything they want.


Used Flash and coded with Action Script 3

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wordpress design and development


I hate photoshop

Don't be a hater, be a lover


Conceptualized the idea into design, converted it into Wordpress website from scratch.

javascript piano
javascript piano

When the key is pressed, that key's note will light up on the scale.

User can turn on and show the names of each note by pressing the ON/OFF button.


Javascript Piano

A piano builded for people who wants to learn how to read musicsheet.


From design to development process.

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musicsheet database
musicsheet database

Decetes mobile device and redirects the link to the mobile version. Media queries are applied for different screen sizes.

Web Design

Mobile Redirect

Jquery Mobile

Music Motif

A website teachs users how to read music sheet.


From design to development process.

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wordpress design and development


Event planning company

RSVPspot is a full service event planning, promotional and marketing company.


Turned a static HTML design into WordPress, fixing bugs and enhanced features into the website.

html5 game

HTML5 Games

The Mammals of the world and Solar System

A drag and drop educational game builded for children to play and learn.


Building the game using Jquery and maintain code across multiple screen devices. Conceptualize the user interface and consistently improving the user experience.

Mammals Of the World
The Solar System

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corporate identity - website design


Client: Han Jewelry

Concept: By showing the Chinese culture within jewelry.

Message: Something meaningful

corporate identity - website design
corporate identity - branding
corporate identity - stationery


corporate identity - commericals

Delivers the Eastern culture and art to West by using Jewelry


corporate identity - commericals
corporate identity - commericals


corporate identity - brochure



Client: BaiYun Hotel

Concept: Creates an atmosphere where audience sees themselve actually being at the place.

Message: One step away from you

commerical - print ads


Client: Green Giant

Concept: Showing an negative image to emphasize the practicability of Green Giant Frozen vegetable products.

Message: Cooking is easy after all

commerical - print ads

Something about me

Hi, I'm Xiao and I do web stuff
I live in the city that never sleeps - New York.

I am a Web Designer and Developer.

Making website beautiful and user interactive is my job.

To get in-touch with me, you can Contact Me! or view my resume to learn more about me.

Email Me



  • Adobe Photoshop
  • XHTML 5 / CSS3
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Branding / Advertising Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Web Design
  • Email Marketing Design

Related Skills

  • MAC & PC proficient
  • Multitasker
  • Faster Learner
  • Fluent and literate in Chinese


New York City College of Technology Bachelor of Technology in Communication Design Graduated: July 2013

Queensborough Community College Associate of Arts and Sciences in Digital Art Design Graduated: December 2010

PDF version

XiaoQiong Ji

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